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Get started with your AP Italian

Information about enrollment and useful resources to study for the AP Italian

Anyone can sit any AP exam

No matter what age you are, if you are enrolled in school or not, you can sign up and take any AP exam you like.

You do not even need to attend an AP courses to sit an AP exam. There are many AP to choose from, one though is very special, it is AP Italian!

Once you have decide your AP the route to take depends if you are in school or not and if your school offers AP Italian.

You are a student in school which offer AP Italian

If your school offers Italian AP classes, your first port of call is the AP Italian teacher or the AP Coordinator, either one will know how to enroll in the course, how to register for the exams, order the necessary materials, collect fees, and keep you posted on when and where to appear for the exams.

Just add your study to the mix and all is done.

You are home schooled student or your school does not offer AP Italian

In this case you can take the exam by arranging to test at a participating school. More info on the college board website.

Students with documented disabilities, may be eligible for accommodations on the AP Exams. Check on the College Board website by clicking here for further information.

The exam's fee varies depending on which country you are planning to take it: in this link you find all the details about costs, scholarships and reductions.

How to get started with the exam

As you prepare your AP Test, you will find many useful resources on the College Board website. If you are interested in the College Board samples of the free response questions, audio files and scoring guidelines of the latest AP exams editions, click here; for the free College Board sample multiple-choice questions where you can find an overview of the exam and samples useful for practice click here.

Beside the helpful material offered by the College Board to prepare for the AP Test and successfully pass it, there is a wealth of material to help you practice Italian and excel at the exam. You can study Italian online, listen to a podcast, subscribe to Italian lessons via e-mail, listen to Italian audio, or find an Italian pen-skype-pal to practice talking and writing with.

On Itunes you may find different kind of podcasts, like Let's speak Italian! or LearningItalianPod or My Daily Phrase Italian.

Do you favour learning through reading or listening?

Then blogs, newspapers, magazines or watching an Italian movie, jump in here: you will find many resources to dive in and have fun with.

Should the opportunity present itself, do not pass the chance to participate in person to an Italian event, such as exhibits, shows, conferences, in your city. Join an Italian club or keep an eye on the Italian events scheduled nearby: Join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on planned events or visit Ap-Italian frequently!

There is also a vast variety of Italian language online courses that you can surf in and test your Italian proficiency level: have a look here to check the ones we recommend.

Internet provides a wealth of resources to learn Italian and opportunities to dive into the colourful and enchanting world of Italy and its people... who knows? May be you will end up building a lifelong friendship with many Italians along the way!

Few more tools to help you learning Italian while having fun!

Il Grande Dizionario Hazon di Inglese 2005 - A bilingual dictionary for students, teachers, translators, and professionals who want to know in depth a foreign language, in both its written and spoken forms. The dictionary offers for each word a clear and complete explanation, as well as examples covering the linguistic environments ranging from everyday language to the most specialized lexical sectors. 

Virtual Uffizi - Take a virtual tour of Florence's most famous museum, the Uffizi. You will get to see masterpieces of Michelangelo, Botticelli, Pier della Francesca and many many others!

[email protected] - If you are a high school student and you are looking for an online Italian course, [email protected] is what you are looking for.


AP Calendar

Spring before starting an AP Italian course
Use this website to learn more about the AP Italian Program, and discuss your plans with your parents, teachers and AP Coordinator.
Check if your teacher has posted summer work to be up to speed for when the classes begin, such as a reading list or a selection of Italian movies to watch.

Talk to your AP Italian teacher or AP Coordinator about taking the AP Italian Exams.
If you need testing accommodation Contact the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Coordinator at your school.
Students with disabilities must submit requests for testing accommodations.
Homeschooled students and students whose schools do not offer AP must contact AP Services to obtain a list of local AP Coordinators and schools where they could arrange to test and must contact AP Coordinators identified by AP Services within the required deadline.
Exam Dates

Dates for the new calendar year will be posted once made available by the College Board.

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