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AP Italian testing locations

Both U.S. and international students can take College Board tests outside the United States. The registration process, testing schedule, and test fees may differ from those for tests taken in the United States, and restrictions apply in some countries.

Follow the links below for more information about taking College Board AP tests overseas.

AP: AP courses are taught in secondary schools—and recognized in colleges and universities—all over the world. Find out how to arrange to take AP Exams outside the United States in this section.

CLEP: CLEP exams can be of special benefit to international students who want to attend U.S. colleges. These students may have nontransferable school credits or specialized knowledge (for example, knowledge of languages other than English) that can earn them college credit. Visit this section to learn more.

An effort is undergoing to provide a list of sites where homeschooled students can take the AP Italian test and attend the course.

Should your school be willing to enroll students from outside the school, we would happily add it to the directory.


AP Calendar

Spring before starting an AP Italian course
Use this website to learn more about the AP Italian Program, and discuss your plans with your parents, teachers and AP Coordinator.
Check if your teacher has posted summer work to be up to speed for when the classes begin, such as a reading list or a selection of Italian movies to watch.

Talk to your AP Italian teacher or AP Coordinator about taking the AP Italian Exams.
If you need testing accommodation Contact the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Coordinator at your school.
Students with disabilities must submit requests for testing accommodations.
Homeschooled students and students whose schools do not offer AP must contact AP Services to obtain a list of local AP Coordinators and schools where they could arrange to test and must contact AP Coordinators identified by AP Services within the required deadline.
Exam Dates

Dates for the new calendar year will be posted once made available by the College Board.

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